Language code default preference e.g if ES, i would like to set ES-MX



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    Ruby L.

    Hi Edwyn,

    I’m sure you’re already aware that Spanish in Spain and Mexico are quite different. Mexico-Spanish has existed apart from Spain-Spanish since the 1500s, so the two languages have diverged culturally and linguistically--similar to the differences between Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong and in Taiwan. Therefore we do not recommend you translate for one and assume it will work for the other locale.

    Do you have insights on which region is using your app more?
    Did you research on which region has a higher return-on-investment?

    If you need an intermediate solution of showing Spanish (Mexico) to Spanish (Spain) users before your Spanish (Spain) translations are ready:
    1. Add the language Spanish(Mexico) into your project
    2. In translation overview, click on the locale `es-MX` next to Spanish(Mexico) and set the locale code to `es`
    3. Locale code `es` will be used for Spanish (Mexico) in your project
    4. When you are ready to translate Spanish (Spain), reset locale code of Spanish (Mexico) like in step 2
    5. Both es-MX and es-ES would be in use and you do not need to move the translations around to change locale code from `es` to `es-MX`.

    Thanks and let me know if you have other suggestions!


    Product Manager, OneSky

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    Thanks.  that as the solution i needed

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    If you agree I want to retrieve article information, harmony is needed 

      shell shockers

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