Is the Xcode plugin compatible with Xcode 8?




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    The workaround isn't possible for my organisations.

    I hope in a standalone app.

    So, in the meanwhile? 

    I have a project in production and if I can not handle my translations, I'll have to migrate my solution.



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    Florian Basso

    One of the solution is to use earlier version of Xcode .

    Personally I develop on Xcode 8 but to upload/download my translations from OneSky I use Xcode 7 and it works fine.

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    Rob Jonson (Edited )

    +1 for a standalone app.

    bonus points for providing a scripting interface so that we can interact from build phase scripts if appropriate.


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    jessica battle

    Option on turning the plugin into a standalone app is the best. It will make using Xcode easier and add some independence for organization.

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