How to delete source phrases that I don't need anymore?




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    Keller (Edited )
    1. Go to "Phrases"
    2. Select the checkbox(es) next to the phrase(s) that you'd like to delete.
    3. Click "Delete"
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    Mariela Haley

    Once your project is set up, adding languages is easy. Just click the Add Language button in the language overview. After adding the language you can immediately start translating content for this new language. New languages can also be added by uploading localization files that contain new languages you did not already set up in your project. acesetm

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    Lisa Fane

    That was so amazing thanks for that. 




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    Brandon Harper

    On the Document Elements tab, under References, click Manage. , and then click Citation Source Manager. In the Current list, select the source that you want to remove, and then click Delete.

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    Gordon Hyde (Edited )

    To delete source phrases that you don't need anymore, follow these steps:

    Log in to your translation software or platform.
    Locate the source phrase you want to delete.
    Click on the "Delete" or "Trash" button.
    Confirm the deletion.
    Repeat the process for any other source phrases you want to delete.
    Note: Be cautious when deleting source phrases as they may be used in previous translations or affect the translation memory. Consider archiving instead of deleting to keep a record of previous work. 

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    To delete source phrases that you no longer need, you can follow these general steps:

    1. Access the localization tool or platform: Open the localization tool or platform where you manage your source phrases and translations. This could be a translation management system, localization software, or any other tool you use for managing localization resources.

    2. Locate the source phrases: Navigate to the section or module where the source phrases are stored. This could be a specific project, file, or database.

    3. Identify the phrases to delete: Review the source phrases and identify the ones you no longer need. This could be based on changes in the application, updated content, or any other reason that renders the phrases obsolete.

    4. Select the phrases: Depending on the functionality of your localization tool or platform, you may be able to select multiple phrases at once or need to delete them individually. Select the phrases you want to remove.

    5. Delete the phrases: Once the phrases are selected, look for the delete option or delete button within your localization tool or platform. Click on it to remove the selected source phrases.

    6. Confirm the deletion: Some platforms may ask for confirmation before deleting the phrases. Make sure to review the confirmation prompt and proceed with the deletion if you are certain that the phrases are no longer needed.

    7. Save or update the changes: After deleting the source phrases, save or update the changes in your localization tool or platform to reflect the removal of the phrases.

    Please note that the exact steps and options may vary depending on the specific localization tool or platform you are using. Refer to the documentation or support resources provided by your localization tool or platform for detailed instructions on deleting source phrases. KMFusa

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    To delete source phrases in Onesky, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Onesky account and go to the project where the source phrase you want to delete is located.

    2. Click on the "Source" tab to view all the source phrases in the project.

    3. Find the source phrase you want to delete and click on it to open its details.

    4. Click on the "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.

    5. Confirm that you want to delete the source phrase by clicking on "OK" in the pop-up window.

    6. The source phrase will now be deleted from the project.

    Note that deleting a source phrase will also delete any translations associated with it, so make sure you no longer need the phrase before deleting it.

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    Deleting source phrases that you no longer need in a translation management system, like OneSky, typically involves navigating to the specific project or resource file where the phrases are located and then removing them. Here's a general guide on how to delete source phrases in OneSky or similar platforms:

    1. Log into Your OneSky Account: Ensure you are logged into your OneSky account and have access to the project or resource file containing the phrases you want to delete.

    2. Access the Project or Resource File: Navigate to the project or resource file that contains the source phrases you wish to delete. Depending on your project's structure, you may find your phrases in different places, such as a specific project folder or a resource file.

    3. Locate the Source Phrases: Within the project or resource file, locate the source phrases you want to delete. These phrases are typically listed in a table or list format, making it easy to identify them.

    4. Select the Phrases to Delete: Check the checkboxes or select the source phrases you want to delete. Most translation management systems provide checkboxes or selection options next to each phrase to mark them for deletion.

    5. Delete the Selected Phrases: After selecting the phrases you wish to delete, look for a "Delete" or "Remove" button or option. This button is often located at the top or bottom of the list of source phrases.

    6. Confirm the Deletion: In some systems, you may be prompted to confirm the deletion before the phrases are permanently removed. Confirm the action if necessary.

    7. Review and Save: Once the source phrases are deleted, review the remaining phrases and save your changes. Make sure that the deletion of phrases does not disrupt the context or structure of your project.

    8. Update Translations (if applicable): If you have translations associated with the deleted source phrases, you may need to update or adjust the translations accordingly. Deleting source phrases can affect the synchronization between source and translated content.

    9. Check for Dependencies: If the source phrases you want to delete are used in other parts of your project, be cautious about potential dependencies. Deleting a source phrase that is referenced elsewhere may cause issues. Review your project to ensure that there are no unexpected consequences.

    10. Backup Data (optional): If you are concerned about accidental deletions or data loss, consider creating a backup of your project or resource file before deleting any source phrases. This way, you can restore the data if needed.

    It's important to be cautious when deleting source phrases, especially if your project involves translations, as it can impact the consistency and completeness of your content. Always double-check your selections and consider the implications of the deletions before proceeding. ezpass ma

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