How to add localized store listings (app descriptions) to Google Play



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    Nellie Kuhl

    OneSky is a translation management system that allows users to upload two types of string files in the supported file formats: base language files and translation files. The base language file is treated as the "source" of truth, while the translation file is treated as a secondary resource, pairing existing translated phrases with the accompanying base phrases based on string identifiers. OneSky's system parses the string files to extract only the text that needs to be translated. The base phrase appears on the left side of the OneSky platform, while the right side contains an empty translation text box for users to enter their translation for the phrase. After translating, users can download the original base language file and OneSky-generated translation files. To upload a base language file, users can click the "+" icon next to Files, then select Upload > browse files > select the base language file. From the drop-down menu, users can select the language of the file they are uploading, which is the base language they will be translating from. OneSky also provides other useful links related to uploading phrases, such as uploading translation files, using spreadsheets, migrating phrases from another project on OneSky, and automating import and export using their API, plugins for mobile apps, and plugins for websites. geometry dash world    

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