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    OneSky is a platform for managing translation projects and localizing digital content. Here are some common terminology used in OneSky:

    1. Translation: The process of converting text from one language to another.

    2. Localization: Adapting content to the cultural and linguistic norms of a specific locale or region.

    3. Source language: The language in which the original content is written.

    4. Target language: The language to which the content is being translated or localized.

    5. String: A small piece of text or a sentence that needs to be translated.

    6. Translation memory (TM): A database that stores previously translated content and suggests matching translations for similar content.

    7. Glossary: A list of terms and their translations or definitions that are specific to a project or organization.

    8. Quality assurance (QA): The process of reviewing and testing translated content to ensure accuracy and consistency.   

    9. Context: The surrounding words or phrases that provide meaning to a string and help translators understand its proper translation.

    10. Machine translation (MT): The use of software to automatically translate content  Download GB WhatsApp  from one language to another. OneSky also offers machine translation services to support

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