If your projects contain some identical strings, our system provides an easy way for you to migrate and reuse your translation to save time and cost. 

1. Go to the "Import phrases" section of your destination project

2. Choose "Other projects" as the uploading option

3. Choose the source project under the drop-down menu

We have pre-checked "Import translations only" so that we would only import the translations for the phrases that also exist in the destination project. 

For example, if the source project contains 3 strings, but only 2 of them are also present in the destination project, we would only import the translations for those 2 strings and would not import the original string and translation for the 3rd string that is not currently present in the destination project. 

If you uncheck the box, all phrases (including the original strings if they are not currently present in the destination project) would be imported into the destination project. 

Example - 90% of the strings in your Android app are the same as your iOS app and you'd like to reuse the translation 

  1. Simply create your iOS project first. 

  2. After the translation of your iOS project is completed,  create your Android project. 

  3. Upload the base language of your Android strings.

  4. Follow the steps above in this helpdesk article to migrate the existing translations in your iOS project to your Android project (please select to "import translations only"). Then our system will analyze which phrases are the same for your iOS and Android projects and migrate the translation for you. 

  5. After the migration is done, you can then order translation for your Android project. Select to translate "phrases without translation" only and our system would only send out those phrases that are without translation currently (in this case, they would be the phrases that does not exist in your iOS project so they don't have any translations yet).