General (For Account Admins)

Getting Started

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Importing and Exporting

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Quality Assurance and Productivity Features

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Managing your translation projects and files

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Communication Tools

Reports and progress tracking

API and plugins

Managing Notifications

Account Settings

Tutorials on file formats (for engineers)

Using OneSky Professional Translation Service (For Account Admins)

Placing translation orders

Checking translation status

Communicating with OneSky tarnslators

Billing and receipt

Order related FAQs

Mobile Apps & Games Specific Help (For Admins)

Translating app description

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Translating in-app text

On-device testing service

Inviting Your Own Collaborators (For Account Admins)

Inviting collaborators

Creating tasks and priorities

Communicating with collaborators

Crowdsourcing your translation

For Collaborators and Translators

Using the translation tool

Communicating with admins and other collaborators

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